Any Xgboost package available which can help us to run the modle on Mictocontroller?


I have created one prediction model using Xgboost library. I want it to run on a microcontroller.

For the model which are created using Tensorflow, we have a solution named uTensor which helps to convert it to microcontroller supported model file.

I am not sure if is there any support in Xgboost to run the model on a microcontroller?


Look into dmlc/treelite. It converts XGBoost models into C programs that you can compile with the vendor C compiler. So far I’ve managed to run XGBoost models on ARM Cortex-M4.


Thanks @hcho3
I want to run it on board. Do you have any idea about it?
I am not sure how can I run this C program on board. I appreciate your help.


Please contact the vendor and ask for a C compiler. Then look at