AWS Developer Needed

About the project:

The ecosystem we’re trying to complete works as follows:

  1. A sensor detects the air composition within a room
  2. Sensor sends data to a cloud-based algorithm that processes the information ( You can also sugest a different ML stack for the classification part. )
  3. Algorithm sends processed information to a cloud platform.
  4. The cloud platform then changes the settings of an air purifier within the same room.

We do have the sensor, air purifier, and the algorithm, but we need to build the platform. The platform should be multi-tenant (multiple users - each with his own sensor and air purifier).

The air purifier has an API and a platform through which the owner can control via WiFi.

The algorithm was built in TensorFlow, so you should be able to publish those models.

Our MVP will host just one tenant (one sensor, one air purifier) at the beginning.

The role requires following:

  • Preparing technical documentation and test plans
  • Understand clogs in the current systems
  • Suggest solutions and approaches, then help with the implementation itself

You will be working closely with a data scientist and a hardware engineer.

What we’re after:

  • 3-4 years of solid knowledge of the AWS ecosystem.
  • 2-3 years of DevOps experience.
  • Experience with creating relational databases / API systems
  • Experience with PHP and Python - we’re flexible with the tech stack though.
  • Experience with multi-tenant systems.
  • Have knowledge of SQL, specifically MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Have experience with Version Control (Git)
  • ML models experience is a plus as well
  • IOT experience is a plus

What’s also important:

  • Good knowledge of English language, as we are an international team
  • Ability to be a team player and work independently too
  • Willingness to learn and self-improve through feedback
  • Strong ability to communicate via visual and verbal media
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Drive to produce excellent and creative work
  • A can-do attitude towards work and a strong work ethic
  • Understanding the importance of maintainable code and coding standards

If this sounds like a fit for your skills, feel free to send us your CV and any relevant information to
Looking forward to e-meeting you!