Compile the cource


Hi, I want to compile the source of xgboost with my code base. Is there anything I need to take care of? I have to do it like this since my platform does not support linking with external libs.

I have tried and it seems I have errors related to static initialization with the parameters macros:

#define DMLC_REGISTER_PARAMETER(PType)                                  \
  ::dmlc::parameter::ParamManager *PType::__MANAGER__() {               \
    static ::dmlc::parameter::ParamManagerSingleton<PType> inst(#PType); \
    return &inst.manager;                                               \
  }                                                                     \
  static DMLC_ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED ::dmlc::parameter::ParamManager&         \
  __make__ ## PType ## ParamManager__ =                                 \

in parameters.h of dmlc-core. The code crashing when it calls this macro. Any idea of why this happens?


Can anyone at least tell me what the static variable:

::dmlc::parameter::ParamManager&         \
  __make__ ## PType ## ParamManager__


Why is this variable not used in other part of the source?