Continual train with same data and new learning_rate


In the early stage, a large learning rate was used for training (e.g. : 0.1), and the model was saved after the best model was built.
Reload the model and set eta to 0.01.Use the same data to continue training the model.


# first training
param['eta'] = 0.1
bst = xgb.train(param, DTrain_X, num_boost_round=num_round,
                evals=evallist, early_stopping_rounds=1)

# reset eta, retraining model with the same data.
param['eta'] = 0.01
bst1 = xgb.train(param, DTrain_X, num_boost_round=num_round,
                evals=evallist, early_stopping_rounds=1,

From watchlist’s output, the reloaded model looks like a new model because of high losses.


[0]     train-mlogloss:3.26105  Test-mlogloss:3.34312
[1]     train-mlogloss:3.08983  Test-mlogloss:3.25997
[2]     train-mlogloss:2.93871  Test-mlogloss:3.18985
[3]     train-mlogloss:2.80696  Test-mlogloss:3.1259
[4]     train-mlogloss:2.67956  Test-mlogloss:3.08794
[5]     train-mlogloss:2.56708  Test-mlogloss:3.04834
[6]     train-mlogloss:2.46203  Test-mlogloss:3.00596
[7]     train-mlogloss:2.36344  Test-mlogloss:2.97334
[8]     train-mlogloss:2.27283  Test-mlogloss:2.94528
[9]     train-mlogloss:2.18703  Test-mlogloss:2.91822

[03:03:14] C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\xgboost\src\ Parameter 'predictor' has been recovered from the saved model. It will be set to 'gpu_predictor' for prediction. To override the predictor behavior, explicitly set 'predictor' parameter as follows:
  * Python package: bst.set_param('predictor', [new value])
  * R package:      xgb.parameters(bst) <- list(predictor = [new value])
  * JVM packages:   bst.setParam("predictor", [new value])

[0]     train-mlogloss:3.45505  Test-mlogloss:3.46253
[1]     train-mlogloss:3.43493  Test-mlogloss:3.45087
[2]     train-mlogloss:3.41409  Test-mlogloss:3.43882
[3]     train-mlogloss:3.39473  Test-mlogloss:3.42721
[4]     train-mlogloss:3.37509  Test-mlogloss:3.41436
[5]     train-mlogloss:3.35599  Test-mlogloss:3.40238
[6]     train-mlogloss:3.33654  Test-mlogloss:3.39171
[7]     train-mlogloss:3.31752  Test-mlogloss:3.38018
[8]     train-mlogloss:3.29899  Test-mlogloss:3.36862
[9]     train-mlogloss:3.28034  Test-mlogloss:3.35855
test end.


give param[‘tree_method’] = hist, it’s ok.