Full path to source file is used instead of relative path in verbose message for default build

I built xgboost for linux with the command set described in



mkdir build
cd build
cmake …
make -j$(nproc)

As a result in verbose mode I see the full path to source files in log, i.e.:
INFO: /tmp/test_of_xgboost/xgboost/src/tree/updater_prune.cc:101: tree pruning end, …

I don’t see this issue in release builds, which available in https://github.com/dmlc/xgboost/releases, i.e.
INFO: …/src/tree/updater_prune.cc:101: tree pruning end, …

Please clarify which adjustments should be done to get relative path to source used in verbose mode?

We use the __FILE__ macro, the expansion of which is system-dependent.

For our release build, we use CentOS 7 with GCC 8.3: https://xgboost-ci.net/blue/organizations/jenkins/xgboost/detail/master/1112/pipeline/59