Latest XGBoost support for Scala 2.11?

Are there any possibilities of adding a compiled Jar for Spark 2.4.5-Scala 2.11 for the latest XGBoost versions? I’m stuck with using Spark 2.4.5-Scala 2.11.12 for an unfortunate dependency, and so even if I manually compile xgboost from source (for 2.4.5_2.11), I get this issue which I can only think is a version problem.

Any thoughts would be really appreciated!

No, the latest XGBoost requires Spark 3.0.0, which requires Scala 2.12.

Ah dang I figured as much. Do you have any suggestions on how I can deal with the spark comtext dying upon failure for older xgboost?

You can try backporting to the older version of XGBoost.