LZ4 version error after XGBoost version upgrading to v0.82


Hi all, I’m trying to find the version of lz4 used in v0.82. I met following error after I upgrading xgboost version from v0.81 to v0.82

I’m using the spark 2.3.1, everything works well before upgrading, so I think maybe v0.82 use the new version of lz4 which has conflict with other dependencies.
Can anybody help me with this?

Thank you so much!


Are you using Maven for your JVM build? Maven should resolve all dependencies. Can you run

mvn dependency:tree -Dverbose -Dincludes=commons-collections

to show dependency tree?


I’m using SBT.
I found this lz4 issue was magically resolved when I re-run the code this morning…