Name of XGBoost parameters in Java


I am trying to tune parameters for XGBoost’s regressor, and for another problem which has binary output(binary:hinge). Can somebody please point me to the parameters that I would need to tune?

For now I am trying to tune these params(for both),

  • “eval_metric”
  • “booster”
  • “max_delta_step”
  • “min_child_wt”
  • “subsample”
  • “rounds”
  • “eta”
  • “alpha”
  • “lambda”
  • “gamma”
  • “max_depth”
  • “n_estimators”

Please let me know if these are all the parameters I would need to tune or is there more that can be tuned to give me better results?

Also very importantly, the code is in Java and I would like to know if the name of the parameters are correct(eval_metric, booster, max_delta_step, min_child_wt, subsample, n_estimators, etc)?

Is there a place where I can see the parameters names for Java? I have this question since I sometimes see no effects in changing some parameters.