Parameters: { scale_post_weight } might not be used

I have the following code

from sklearn.datasets import make_classification
from sklearn.datasets import make_classification
import xgboost as xgb
X, y = make_classification(n_samples=1000, n_features=20, n_informative=15, n_redundant=5, random_state=7, n_classes= 2)
dtrain = xgb.DMatrix(X, label = y)
params = {'max_depth': 16, 'nthread': 5, 'scale_post_weight': 10, 'objective': 'binary:logistic', 'eval_metric': ['error']}
xgb.train(params = params, dtrain = dtrain, num_boost_round = 500, verbose_eval = 100)

I get the warning

[17:52:59]WARNING:/tmp/build/80754af9/xgboostsplit_1619724447847/work/src/ Parameters: { scale_post_weight } might not be used.
This may not be accurate due to some parameters are only used in language bindings but passed down to XGBoost core.  Or some parameters are not used but slip through this verification. Please open an issue if you find above cases.

I would be very appreciative if you can give me some help.

should be revised to scale_pos_weight.

I am very sorry for my mistake!