PySpark API: how to retrieve training and validation loss for each iteration round?

I am currently using the newest pyspark API of xgboost4j-spark for distributed xgboost training on spark. I want to plot the learning curve and this is my code:

results = {}
xgb_classifier = SparkXGBClassifier(**xgb_parms, validation_indicator_col='isVal', evals_result=results, verbose_eval=25, num_workers=16, n_estimators=250, early_stopping_rounds=25, label_col=name)

But I got this error:

TypeError: train() got multiple values for keyword argument 'evals_result'

It seems that the evals_result is already set within SparkXGBClassifier, but then how can I retrieve the results? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation, then I tried some options myself, but none of them works. Thanks!