Sentiment Analysis


I am very new to machine learning I been taking courses to better understand machine learning. The reason I started all of this is because I been given a task of taking 4 text fields and train the model. I am very interested in XGBoost but its only takes parameters in numeric value and I cant seems to find anywhere if there is a standard way to turn text fields into numeric so i can train xgBoost to predict. Did I mention that I am very new in Python as well??
Apologize if this is a silly question and Thanks in advance for your help.


does this have my answer?
thanks in advnce


Yes, the text vectorizers from scikit-learn should help you solve your problem.


Thank you. Is there an easy example for it? Please keep in mind I am very new to python.


The one you linked is a good simple example.


Thank you for all your help. Appreciate it…