Upgrade xboost from 0.7 to 0.82


Hi Team,
Iam new to this group. I have a requirement to upgrade python xgboost version from 0.7 to 0.82. Can someone help me to provide the steps to upgrade the xgboost version. I also need backup plan if i stuck with any other issue after upgrade.

Suresh BK


Run pip3 install xgboost==0.82


Thanks for your response. I just installed the way you said… But is there any possible to both version. Because what if the users are already using older version , will impact if i install the new version of XGBOOST. please let me know


One last question.
When i install new version. Old version getting removed automatically. Do i need to do any configuration file change after i install new version of 0.82 please let me know


You should use virtual environments so that each user can choose XGBoost version. See Miniconda and virtualenv


I have requirement in Physical server. Users are using physical server. Is there any option to use both the version ?


I mean virtual Python environments, not virtual machines. See https://realpython.com/python-virtual-environments-a-primer/


I got it, One last question. Is there any config changes needs to be done after i uninstall 0.7 and install 0.82 ?


I don’t think so. You shouldn’t have to change anything.


Do we need restart of any service after upgrade to xgboost 0.82


DO we need to restart any service after upgrade of XGBOOST to 0.82 version. or just install is enough


You should re-start Python processes, to make sure that new version of XGBoost gets imported