Version 1.6 Availability On Conda Forge


I see that XGBoost has release a stable 1.6 version, however is doesn’t seem to be available in the conda-forge channel, though there are previous versions available, such as 1.5.1.

I’m particular interested in version 1.6 as there is a huber_slope parameter now available for the pseudo huber loss.

What would the process be for XGBoost version 1.6 to reach the conda-forge channel?

I have noticed that there is the possibility of installing version 1.6 manually, but I am concerned about dependencies concerning the other packages which I am using in Python. Conda has so far been successful in maintaining the dependency requirements between the various packages I have installed.

Is there perhaps another channel that may host XGBoost 1.6 or has it not reached the conda-forge channel for whatever reason?

Thanks in advance


I submitted to upload XGBoost 1.6.0 on Conda-forge.

Hi hcho3

Thanks for your assistance.

Hi hcho3,

Out of interest, what is the process to push version 1.6 of XGBoost to Conda-Forge, how long would it take?

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Vaughan is currently stalled due to an unknown build failure. Not sure when I’ll get to fix it