Warning Message When Running XGBoost 1.5.2


I am using python 3.8.2, pandas 1.4.1 and xgb 1.5.2. When I run the sklearn xgboost API, the following warning is displayed:

C:\Users\dtian\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\lib\site-packages\xgboost\data.py:262: FutureWarning: pandas.Int64Index is deprecated and will be removed from pandas in a future version. Use pandas.Index with the appropriate dtype instead.

elif isinstance(data.columns, (pd.Int64Index, pd.RangeIndex)):

How to remove the warning please?


It will be fixed in the upcoming 1.6 release.

Thanks. Looking forward to 1.6 release.


I ran into the same warning using XGBoost 1.5.0, however, I tried upgrading to 1.6.1 through pip install but it gave me an " XGBoost version not compiled with GPU support" error instead. If I used conda forge to automatically detect my environment it will only install 1.5.1 with gpu support.
Is there a way to install 1.6.1 with GPU support?