Xgboost error with GPU on Ubuntu16.04


I installed xgboost with GPU on Ubuntu16.04 according to https://xgboost.readthedocs.io/en/latest/build.html, but when I run the code, I get an error:
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'thrust::system :: xgboost with GPU on Ubuntu16.04
What(): function_attributes(): after cudaFuncGetAttributes: invalid device function

When I only use xgboost with CPU on Ubuntu16.04, the program works fine.
I want to know how to solve the problem. Thank you.

lspci | grep -i nvidia
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK107 [GeForce GT 630 OEM] (rev a1)
01:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation GK107 HDMI Audio Controller (rev a1)

sudo dpkg --list | grep nvidia-*
ii nvidia-384 384.130-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 amd64 NVIDIA binary driver - version 384.130
ii nvidia-opencl-icd-384 384.130-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 amd64 NVIDIA OpenCL ICD
ii nvidia-prime 0.8.2 amd64 Tools to enable NVIDIA’s Prime
ii nvidia-settings 361.42-0ubuntu1 amd64 Tool for configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver

nvcc -V
nvcc: NVIDIA ® Cuda compiler driver
Copyright © 2005-2016 NVIDIA Corporation
Built on Tue_Jan_10_13:22:03_CST_2017
Cuda compilation tools, release 8.0, V8.0.61

cuDNN :V5.1