How to get the data volume of the left and right subtrees when every tree splits


I am very interested in the split details in xgboost, so I want to plot it.
I can easily plot the decision tree usingsklearn.tree.export_graphviz,

    #jupyter notebook
    from sklearn.tree import export_graphviz
    from sklearn.tree import DecisionTreeRegressor
    import pydotplus
    from IPython .display import Image 
    def print_graph(clf, feature_names): 
        """Print decision tree.""" 
        graph = export_graphviz( clf,
                                label= "root" , 
                                proportion= True , 
                                impurity= False , 
                                out_file= None , 
                                #class_names={ 0 : "D" , 1 : "R" }, 
                                filled= True , 
                                rounded= True )
        graph = pydotplus.graph_from_dot_data(graph) 
        return Image (graph.create_png())

    from sklearn.datasets import load_boston
    d = load_boston()

    dtr = DecisionTreeRegressor()['data'][:10,:10],columns=d['feature_names'][:10]),d['target'][:10])


as you can see, in the plot, every split node has 3 values: split condition, sample rate, regresion value.
When I use xgb.to_graphviz(clf) to plot the tree in xgboost model, I get this picture.
I can’t find the sample data amount in the split, after reading the xgb.to_graphviz source code, I know it use booster.get_dump to get split condition, however , this function still cannot get the explicit information in every split.
as the issue Add parameters to the plotting function to control the node shape
Can you help me? how can I plot the xgboost tree as in sklearn ?
Thanks a lot!


Which extra information are you looking for? AFAIK the XGBoost model does not save the amount of instances that pass through each node.

If you wanted to include that in the model output you’d need to modify that class, but that will lead to incompatible model save load functions.