Qudro 5000 graphic card proplems

hello guys, I’m facing a problem from month now, with my graphic card ( quadro 5000 ), It was working fine, but later suddenly, many problems appeared while working on graphic programs, like ( c4d, after effects, photoshop ).
later the problems appeared immediately after installing graphic card diver, the problems I facing is…

  • open gl error

  • blue screen -

  • error code 2 or 3

  • change screen colors with restart the pc

  • the fan of pc running faster with restart the pc
    i searched for a solution on the internet and tried everything to solve it, but I couldn’t, the problem coming from the card driver , I’m sure now after trying everything …

  • download old versions of the card driver

  • change windows pc to window 8.1, to ensure compatibility
    between the windows and graphics card driver

  • change graphic card settings

for now, I couldn’t find any solution, so I deleted the graphic card driver, and using windows graphic card driver, but this driver ( window10 graphic card driver ), working with a low resolution with 12080*800, max resolution

anyone can help me on that pls, It is not reasonable to replace the graphics card only because the graphic card driver not working well :frowning:

NOTE : I have Dell T3600 workstation