Running Xgboost model on Android-Ios mobile devices


I am doing research on how can I run my Xgboost model on Mobile device.

So far what I found is ML-Kit is hot in this space. But unfortunately, it is supporting only Tensorflow lite ( )

Is there any other alternative which can guide me to run Xgboost pre-trained model on Android-iOS mobile devices?


Take a look at CoreML


Thanks @hcho3
But I guess it support only iOS. Is it?


@hcho3 Thanks for your quick reply.
I appreciate if you can provide some guide to run Xgboost on mobile device.

I see treelite can help -

Compile treelite on a laptop or desktop.
Use treelite to produce a C program.
Compile the produced C program on Android.

But as I have not idea how to play on mobile platform, if any document with more detailed guide would help me a lot.


I’m not an expert on mobile platform, so I won’t be able to help you much. Take a look at for compiling C native code on Android devices. Also may be useful to you.


Thanks @hcho3
Let me check this out.