Using XGBoost for Random forest in R: "num_boost_round not used"

Hi. I am in R trying to use the XGBoost package to speed up making random forest (instead of using a dedicated random forest package) using the suggestions from The problem i am having is xgb.train does not seem to recognise the num_boost_round parameter. the following code returns the message (Dmat being a DMatrix object of the data) :

XGB <- xgb.train(Dmat, nrounds=1,params = list(tree_method = “hist”, max.depth = 0,
num_parallel_tree = 500, subsample = 0.5, colsample_bynode =0.3, min_child_weight = 10),

[08:34:47] WARNING: src/
Parameters: { “num_boost_round” } are not used.

I have tried putting the parameter into the params list, with the same result. I am sure it is an obvious problem but i am by no means an experienced programmer or anything.