VS debug, Attach to python.exe does not hit the break point

I am using VS 2017 and xgboost 1.0 in Windows10.
I want to see variables changing in C++ code, and attached xgboost code to a running python project. Even though symbols loaded, I still can’t get the breakpoint hit.
I am new to C++ so I created a test dll project and a test python project to make sure I know how to debug with two project by attaching, and it hits the breakpoint successfully.
Is it because the C++ codes live in objxgboost project rather then xgboost project which make it can’t be debugging? How can I solve it?

It’s in modules view the pdb file of xgboost loaded, but the breakpoint in code still shows no symbols have been loaded.

There’s xgboost.exe and xgboost.dll. Make sure you are loading symbols for xgboost.dll, not xgboost.exe, since the Python package uses the DLL file.

Thank you for your reply.
I compiled the xgboost project so it indeed created symbols for dll. In fact I have also compiled the runxgboost project and created xgboost.exe and it’s symbols, tried, but also failed.

I have no idea why breakpoint fails. For now you can insert std::cout to emit debugging logs.

Add logs is a good idea. And the breakpoints set in the functions still don’t work. So check the output in console will be my only way to look into it.